10 Artists From Bangladesh Who’ll Make You Feel Wow!

In many of its endeavours to welcome and promote artists from all over the world, Touchtalent.com is making concerted efforts to create a vibrant and interesting platform desired by all creative artists across genres. In this post, I’d like to acknowledge the contributions of 10 artists from Bangladesh, who’ll make you feel Wow!

Mashiur Anirban: His artworks bring out the glimpses of original places, and natural flora and fauna that one can relate with. With his definite strokes of brush, and pencil, he creates beautiful artworks that make one feel wow! tweet


Calm Hunter

Biplob Sarkar: His depth of knowledge in ‘Fine Arts’ and his focused approach at creating any painting are reflected in his artworks. He is a fine artist whose artworks truly make one feel wow! tweet


Sir Satyajit Ray

Nasim Ahmed: He is an artist with a penchant for capturing the *expressions* of all subjects of his sketching, ball-point ink painting, and others. When we look deeply into the subjects, we feel a certain closeness to what is being expressed. tweet



Rimon Chowdhury: He is an artist with a natural flair for creating an artwork that makes us feel wow! His paintings and artworks seem to be done with love, for the art  itself, for the sake of it. It is a pure love that is expressed. tweet



Mohd. Rubel: He is a photographer with a difference. He captures the subjects to express a different perspective. He captures the essence of a moment, something that makes one feel wow! tweet


Essence of a moment

Charusohel Rana: He is an artist whose artworks send out a relevant message. Be it a water-colour painting, or a digital-art, or a photograph, his artworks tell a story that take us close to reality and make us feel wow! tweet


Digital Art – Waiting

Atanu Rehman: He is a student of Fashion Designing and creates digital-art based artworks. His artworks have an edge in the aspect of his unique understanding of every detail that highlights the core of a subject that he creates. tweet



Rajjib Hasan: He is a photographer with a grand vision. His photographs almost always depict a grand view of the nature at large, and of the natural realities, at their best. His artworks make us feel wow the moment we see them! tweet



Amitabh Biswas: He is a freelance artist who loves to create masterpieces! His paintings, which show the intricate detail of every subject, make them look so real that make us feel wow! tweet



Sazzad Sazib: He is an artist who makes the most difficult artwork look effortless. His love for water-colour painting is reflected in his perfect creations, and more so, in the simple look of the difficult subjects of his creations, and that makes us feel wow! tweet


Water Colour – CycleSpoke


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